Solar Water Pumping System

With the cost of diesel and electricity rising constantly, solar powered water pumps are the perfect alternative for rural regions as these have a low maintenance cost and ensure a long product life.

Key Features

  • No electricity
  • Long operating
  • Highly reliable
    and durable
  • Easy to operate
    and maintain
  • Eco
  • No fuel cost - as it uses available
    free sun light

Solar Water Pumping Systemis a standalone system operating on power generated by highly efficient Solar Photovoltaic panels.

The power generated by solar panels is used for operating AC Submersible Pump, Open well Pump, surface centrifugal Mono-block pump.

The specially designed modules of the system can with stand extreme weather conditions also system can easily installed & require almost no maintenance.

Solar water pumping system requires a shadow-free area for installation of the Solar Panels.

Technical Specifications Pumpset Download PDF

Technical Specifications Controller Download PDF


Solar Pumps are specially designed for

Bore well

Open well


Canal or water reservoir for Agriculture minor irrigation

Drinking water applications

Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler irrigation

Horticulture farm

Gardens, Domestic use & Others

These systems are best alternatives for needs where is no electricity or scarcity of power supply.