Invest in Ground Mount solar project PPA with Government or third party power purchaser and secure future income over rising price of electricity.



Invest in Solar power plant to reduce your energy bill & decrease your cost of production.



Let's your roof work for you. Save on energy bill with solar rooftop system.



Let's your roof work for you. Save on energy bill with solar rooftop system.


Solar EPC companies in India offer more complex services and goods than a standard solar installations. To offer its clients a solar service, an EPC business adopts a comprehensive strategy.

The complete solar process is done under one contract while operating with a solar EPC company in Gujarat. Only one payment is due as a result. Going solar is a more straightforward and simplified procedure.

As a result, the procedure takes up less time, and maintaining a one-stop shop during the process gives you more peace of mind.

What is a Solar EPC Company?

What is a Solar EPC Company?

An organization that offers engineering, purchasing, and construction of complete solar systems. An EPC firm offers a full-service solar installation experience, along with ongoing system maintenance assistance. Engineering, procurement, and construction are referred to as EPC. EPC firms can work in a variety of sectors. A full-service EPC energy firm is Energy Link. Your chosen solar EPC companies in Gujarat solution supplier must offer comprehensive options for setting up the solar energy facility. From beginning to end, they should be able to oversee all aspects of the project, including site analysis, design, project management, sourcing, installation, and commissioning.
How to Select the Right Solar EPC Company?

How to Select the Right Solar EPC Company?

In recent years, solar energy has become the "talk of the town." It has recently attracted much interest from many groups and people throughout the nation. If you've been considering purchasing one recently, you might be interested in learning more about what EPC is and how to pick the solar according to my requirement. It is advised to perform a thorough investigation to confirm the given items' quality criteria. Verify the installer's availability of warranties and guarantees.A solid solar understanding of the machinery and parts an EPC business offers is needed. They should also have a thorough grasp of the engineers from the project and management teams, utility setup, and technical specifics of the goods. Discuss in detail the maintenance schedule following installation. An EPC ought to be well-known and ought to handle all the paperwork for you. They ought to be competent enough to obtain a government-issued license on your behalf (as a client). Also, you should assess the solar EPC's adaptability and dependability based on its background functioning in various geographic, topographical, and temporal contexts. The number of completed projects, years in business, the firm's supplier connections, and the top clients it has recently worked with may all be used to evaluate an Solar EPC companies in Rajkot. Ensure the installation is completely informed of the legal requirements and the state's solar policy requirements since this is equally crucial. Since setting up a solar panel is a significant and one-time investment, you must be completely confident in the EPC supplier you select. A healthy solar system may last for about 25 years. Thus, request the company's portfolio and a list of current projects. You can also request two or three references from them that you can call.

Why Choose Shiv Shakti Solar System?

Shiv shakti is the best Solar EPC company in Rajkot

VISION: To become a wholesale supplier of solar PV modules and SWH that meet the Green Globe mission's requirements for high quality, durability, dependability, and careful craftsmanship. By our commitment to excellence, devotion, innovation, quality enhancement, and continual highly optimized solar energy, our mission is to become a significant player among PV Module & SWH internationally.

Our Offerings

By offering a vast grade array of Sun panel Systems, we have earned a niche in the market due to our expertise and quality-oriented attitude. We specialize in providing Solar PV Panels, which are very durable and dependable and are widely utilized in the market for many different power applications. We provide solar modules such as solar photovoltaics, rooftop, and solar PV modules.


In conclusion, choosing a qualified and recognized solar PV installation is wise. By doing this, you can be sure that you get the greatest after-sales care for maintenance throughout the system's lifespan and a high-quality, well-performing solar system in India.

Residential or business solar water heating systems can use solar panels with flat plate thermal collectors.

Shiv Shakti Solar Energy Systems is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality solar-powered water heaters and home solar modules.