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Shiv Shakti Electrotech Private Limited is one of the fastest growing solar Energy Company in Gujarat. The company is driven by world-class quality measures, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Over more than 15 years of Expertise in Electrical Installation. They are thriving for greener tomorrow with their strong competencies in solar energy domain.

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Use Solar Rooftop, Save your Electric Bill.

Subsidy-Scheme from GEDA and MNRE

For residential rooftop solar plant only, Limited time only, Hurry Up!

How Solar Rooftop Work Process

01) Sunlight shines onto your solar panels, which ideally should be pitched in northerly direction.

02) The Direct Current that is generated through the panels is sent to your Inverter to convert to an Alternating Current, which your home or business uses.

03) The new generated electricity is now available to power your property.

04) Your electricity meter measures the amount of power you consume. The difference between the electricity generated by the solar system and the electricity consumed off the grid is measured.

05) Any excess electricity is sent back to the grid and used by your electricity utility company. Your energy retailer will apply credits to your power bill.


Use Solar Rooftop

Save your Electric Bills.

Get 40% subsidy from gujarat & Central Government for 1 to 3kw.

Get 20% subsidy from gujarat & Central Government for 4 to 10kw.

Solar Rooftop system have 5 years warranty & 25 years life.

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