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An engineering, procurement, and construction firm for complete solar systems

The sun is an excellent, renewable resource that can support life on Earth and give its people access to clean, sustainable energy.

The sun sends more energy to our planet in a single hour than the entire world's population uses in a whole year. Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules may turn solar energy into electricity.

Solar energy systems either use photovoltaic (PV) panels or mirrors to focus solar radiation on converting sunlight into electricity.

This power can be converted into electricity, or it can be stored thermally or in batteries. There are many solar Installers in Rajkot for panel installation. There is some best Solar system in Rajkot.

Use Solar Rooftop, Save your Electric Bill.

Subsidy-Scheme from MNRE

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About Us

Shiv Shakti Electrotech Private Limited is one of the fastest growing solar Energy Company in Gujarat. The company is driven by world-class quality measures, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Over more than 15 years of Expertise in Electrical Installation. They are thriving for greener tomorrow with their strong competencies in solar energy domain.

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What is a Solar Company?

What is a Solar Company?

Any energy produced by the sun is referred to as solar energy. Direct or indirect human usage of solar energy is possible. Solar energy is captured and transformed into power by these solar panels installed on a roof in Germany. Any energy produced by the sun is referred to as solar energy. The most plentiful energy source is solar energy, which may even be used under overcast conditions. The pace at which the Earth absorbs solar energy is around 10,000 times quicker than the rate at which people use energy.
Importance of solar energy in today's

Importance of solar energy in today's

It emits heat and light, also known as solar energy, which enables life to survive on Earth. To flourish, plants require sunshine. Humans and other animals depend on plant-based foods and the breath they release. Earth would freeze absent solar heat. Solar energy has a plethora of benefits. There are so many advantages for humans and the environment that more and more individuals are converting to solar energy every day to light their homes. We will discuss the most significant benefits of solar energy and how they affect your day-to-day life in this post from Linkup. Read on to increase your expertise. Thanks to the sun's enormous and potent energy, humans no longer need to use any other electrical power source. Although solar energy has several environmental drawbacks and we can't yet fully utilize it, we can use a portion of it by capturing its energy through solar panels. However, the effectiveness of this power has been demonstrated to the point where associated technologies have significantly advanced over the period to keep up with the public's rising demand.

How Solar Rooftop Work Process

01) Sunlight shines onto your solar panels, which ideally should be pitched in northerly direction.

02) The Direct Current that is generated through the panels is sent to your Inverter to convert to an Alternating Current, which your home or business uses.

03) The new generated electricity is now available to power your property.

04) Your electricity meter measures the amount of power you consume. The difference between the electricity generated by the solar system and the electricity consumed off the grid is measured.

05) Any excess electricity is sent back to the grid and used by your electricity utility company. Your energy retailer will apply credits to your power bill.


How will we work?

There are many Solar panel manufacturers in Rajkot, and all these companies work differently.

We provide a complete selection of solar modules for home, commercial, and industrial customers.

Long-term solar power needs are met for our partners and end users by our knowledge, skills, and top-tier, high-quality goods, guaranteeing risk-free installation for a long lifespan.

Our team of experts in design, procurement, and construction provides you with the knowledge and technical guidance for building the solar plant within the best possible schedule and budget.

Why choose SS Solar System Private Limited as your solar company?

Shiv Shakti EPL is One of Gujarat's fastest-growing solar energy companies, a Private Limited Solar panel company in Gujarat. They offer top-quality solar systems and exceptional customer service.

Use Solar Rooftop

Save your Electric Bills.

Get 40% subsidy from gujarat & Central Government for 1 to 3kw.

Get 20% subsidy from gujarat & Central Government for 4 to 10kw.

Solar Rooftop system have 5 years warranty & 25 years life.

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The vision of the company:

Shivshakti EPL is Best Solar Company in Rajkot. They are Saving the world of life the globe. Utilizing renewable energy to find a balance between human demands and those of others

The company's mission is to draw and retain customers by offering the best possible ownership experience together with high-quality goods and services To foster responsible growth and build communities by providing excellent service that is honest, original, and ethical.

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Solar water heaters and home heating are two typical uses for solar energy.

Chemicals, foods, textiles, hot nurseries, swimming pools, and cattle barns may all be made with the help of solar pond heat. Solar energy may also be used for cooking and as a power source for technological equipment.

For a wide range of uses, solar systems can provide warmth, cooling, natural lighting, power, and fuel. Solar technologies can use photovoltaic panels or solar radiation-concentrating mirrors to turn sunlight into electrical energy.